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NE Tree House is a space for artistic collaboration, wellness and empowerment, and innovation. The space was expanded to serve as a gathering space for ideas. We support artists and creative endeavors of all kinds. The hypnosis center - True You Hypnosis - exists to empower you to unlock your latent capabilities, and to be your best self.

We love this planet, and we are very concerned about the rate at which our vital ecosystem is eroding. That's why we've implemented green building techniques such as: radiant in-floor heating and cooling, green roof (garden roof), spray foam insulation, and a huge amount of salvaged materials. We've planted mostly native, hardy, pollinator-friendly plants that need no poisonous chemicals nor lawn mowers.

NE Tree House has an extensive / intensive green roof with:

Maple trees

Ash trees




Pennsylvania Sedge

Golden Azaleas


Native pollinator-friendly wildflowers

Mini Clover

Seasonal Vegetables

Inside, there is an orange tree planted right in the foundation. We have a 16 ft climbing wall for bouldering, and lots of equipment for producing videos, music, and theater.

We have plans to build automated aquaponics systems for producing food at home. Aquaponics systems have fish tanks, pumping water through the roots of edible plants. The fish poop in the water fertilizes the plants to grow healthy, tasty fruits and vegetables.

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