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Immersion Theater Experiences

Starting this summer, NE Tree House will be a collaboration space for artists from all walks. We aim to empower artists to tell their brave stories, to celebrate life, and to revel in richness of human connection.

Art changes us. It lifts us and empowers us. It moves and emboldens us. It touches us, and opens our hearts to possibilities we never knew were possible.

Check out the immersion theater experiences that are in the works. The anticipated launch date is July 1.

Tina's Birthday / Crooks and Nannies

Murder Mystery

Tina has always been a handful. If you don't show up for her birthday, you'll never hear the end of it! / A local troupe of artists are holding a fundraiser for their original production of "Nooks and Crannies," a musical comedy about a couple of calculated relationships in babysitting and bank robbery.

Climbing Party / Robots in Paradise

Exercise Party / Dramatic Performance

Climb our unique bouldering gym, shower off, have a brew or two, and then sink into a wild and transportive performance

Doctor Munnibags

Team Building / Mystery

Your company just landed a really big client with deep pockets. The client wants to thank you for all your hard work on the bid, and to treat their collaborators with some private climbing, over in the kneecap of Nordeast Minneapolis. During the delicious feast, there are shout outs to you and your awesome coworkers, and toasts made in celebration. Amid the merriment and frivolity, two of your coworkers mysteriously go missing. Or three, or four, or….

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